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Clinical Trial Hero - Clinical Trial Recruitment & Medical Meditation
Clinical Trial Recruitment. Delays in clinical trial recruitment are one of the largest cost factors in drug development
The Problem with Recruitment. 80% of eligible patients aren't even aware of clinical trial options.
The solution. Clinical Trial Recruitment plus Mindful Meditation.
Machine Learning powered patient filtering. We run targeted campaigns to look for compatible candidates in the trial area.
Meditation has been proven to help recovery of patients with diseases such as cancer, asthma and chronic pain.
Product - All about the Clinical Trial Hero mobile application
Business Model. We target Contract Research Organizations in the US and Canada. Free for customers.
Clinical Research Organizations handle patient and physician recruitment as well as quality control for clinical trials.
Targeting CROs in Canada and the USA interested in a strategic partnership. Allowing them a significant competitive advantage
Traction and Timeline. April 2019 App launched on iOS App Store and Google Play. April 2020 4,000 downloads reached.
Competitors: Deep 6 AI, Clinical Trials Connect, PatientWing, HopeSeek
Using Facebook’s natural machine learning for ads. This ensures the candidates chosen are highly targeted and specific.
The Founder. Nikhil Joshi. Clinical Immunologist, Internist, and cancer survivor.
Revenue Projections
Raising $500,000 to fund 24-month operations and to expand our sales team. Detailed sequential process document available.
Sale of the App to the right CRO or pharmaceutical company within 24 months of initial funding.