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Our Story: Clinical Trial Hero

Clinical Trial Hero is a free, unique Android & iPhone app designed to help people suffering from chronic illnesses find clinical trials.

Clinical Trials provide hope and options to many patients, who are struggling despite best efforts. They are the building blocks of scientific research. They are one of the best features of modern medicine. And are more relevant to our lives than ever before.

Clinical Trial Hero & Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ancient practice that is also found to help a variety of chronic illnesses. Our mental health and outlook influence our well-being tremendously.

Clinical Trial Hero has joined with Medication Meditation, and now offers over 25 guided meditations and assorted collections. The combination of clinical trials and mindfulness has the potential to make a tremendous positive difference in peoples’ lives.

Person meditating with phone
App Features:
  • Learn about Clinical Trials Near You
  • Enroll and Contact Trial Sites
  • Access a library of guided meditations
  • Create a personalized playlist to suit your needs
  • Free to Use. No Hidden In-App Purchases!

Developed Dr. Nikhil Joshi, a Canadian physician, clinical triallist and cancer survivor. His unique experience and desire to help others is the driving force behind Clinical Trial Hero. It is grounded in his belief of offering total care for patients.

It is the next generation in medical care, combining access to clinical trials and mindfulness therapy.

Clinical Research Organizations and Pharmaceutical Companies:

Clinical Trial Hero

Learn how we increase recruitment for clinical trials using our proprietary technology and machine learning.

Angel Investors and Venture Capital Firms.